Deep inside the Pentagon City Mall

(actually it's right next to the Metro entrance)

is an oasis of great burgers and bbq
(and salads too)

and possibly the best buttermilk fried chicken you have ever tasted
("possibly?" – try "easily")

served not in a food court or fast-food factory
(who can relax there?)

but in a cool place with plasmas turned on and blues in the background
(open kitchen, island bar, big booths, lots of stone and wood, …)

that serves great cocktails, craft (mostly local) beers and wonderful wines
(not happening anywhere else in the mall).

We thought about creating a fancy website with lots of smoking graphics
(…get it? …"smoking?")

but you're probably headed out the door by now
(sprinting past joggers)

so here's our menu and prices, our hours and our contact info – see you in a few …
(are you still reading this? Get down to Harry's!)

Comments or questions? Let us know.

Smokehouse team